No Labels Photography, LLC.
By Evelína Sturzeneker, Your Family & Wedding Photographer
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My first blog ( July 23, 2019)

I knew, the day would come, when I would finally figure out, SEO optimization is a tool I’ll need to utilize in order to make my business successful.

My BUSINESS. I am a photographer, a family and wedding photographer. Business to me is like grass to a fish, unknown territory. Yet, I have to walk out of the waters and explore the lands that  are full of potential. (Wow, look at that! A simile and a metaphor! I’m killing it!)

Honestly though, regardless of blogs’ SEO potential to reach people, I have long considered documenting my sessions, experiences, whether they are work, travel related, or personal.

The first time I felt the need to blog something was after an amazing Engagement Session held in the beautiful Columcille Megalith Park , located in Bangor, PA. I have just gotten a new, more expensive version of a 50mm lens, and along with the couple that has allowed me to utilize it (ultimately raising my game,) I walked away from the session elated. 

Both, the couple and I were nervous before the session. But our mutual vision for the outcome has melted away the nerves, and instead, my creativity kicked in. They connected with each other like no couple I have seen before. Their bond, their love, was palpable. And the setting could not have been more perfect. For two hours, we walked from location to location, randomly stopping  in places we felt were right. We looked for the right light, colors, textures. The two of them were the cherry on top.

I had many Engagement Sessions since, and my couple has gotten married since, bringing more magic to my images. But that was the first time I felt that undeniable feeling, a confirmation…I finally found my calling. I know it sounds cheesy. And if you are not a 40 year old whose only accomplishment was raising kids and running a household for 17 years, however rewarding, you may not relate. I had jobs before I had kids, I was good at them. I am a quick study, willing to work, likable, but being a mom was the only vocation that satisfied me. And with my kids quickly growing up, I was definitely feeling like my identity, as something other than a Mom, diminished. I get that being a Mom is valued, I have no regrets in being there for my family, but I knew it was high time to get focused on myself, for a few years by then. 

A homeschooling Mom, with a commuting husband, I couldn’t find or hold a 9-5 job. And I honestly don’t recall when I decided to pursue photography, I just did. I don’t remember a time when I didn’t take pictures. As typical, my main subjects were my kids. I was a momtographer! I signed up for a course with NYIP, invested into a used full frame Canon 5D Mark II, and learned as much about the equipment, techniques, and even history of photography, as I could. I practiced every chance I had, on my dog, cats, kids, nature…anything. And then a friend asked me to photograph her family. That day was the first time someone called me a photographer, therefore I became one. A photographer. Evelína the Photographer. 

The Poconos are a beautiful photogenic place, the perfect setting for any session. My sessions started picking up, little by little. I did Senior Sessions, Family Sessions, Newborn Session, and I continued photographing my kids, family members, and their friends.  The camera became a part of me. I invested in other used lenses, my first was the “nifty fifty”, then a 70-200mm telephoto lens, etc. I was eventually asked to work as a second shooter with an amazingly experienced wedding photographer, which helped me realize just how much I have yet to learn. But within a few months I booked two weddings of my own, for very little money, granted (practically, I operated at a loss,) but invaluable in experience. I think I did really well for someone who had only a limited history being a photographer…but don’t all jobs start out like that? We all walk into new situations knowing very little, and walk away knowing much more. But that Engagement Session was the one that made my head spin in the very best way. It was then that I knew, photography is my calling, this is what I’m good at, this what I love to do.

So, now that I know WHAT I want to do, we move onto, HOW we’re going to do it. I already built my website, maintain an active Facebook and Instagram page, have a registered LLC, pay taxes…now I have to “business.” Because without “businessing”, I don’t get to be a photographer by vocation, and it is a very expensive hobby. Haha

I’ll include a few photos from my fate confirming session, for your viewing pleasure, and should you need passionate, experienced, fated photographer, feel free to reach out. I cover New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, and I am also happy to do destination weddings, elopements & engagements.

(There, how is that for a first blog? Was I suppose to insert gifs to make things more relatable? I guess, I’ll have to read other people’s blogs to see what they do and maybe adopt the seemingly good ideas. Is there room for emojis, in blogging? I can hardly ever communicate without them. I hope you can pick up on my emotive implications without visual aid…I like emojis. :) ).

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